Two Souls One Player – Game Mechanic Demo

During the month of february 2019, outside of working on Whipped And Steamy - Cosplay Café, I tested out a game concept I was interested in for quite some time.

Two souls one player is a puzzle game where the objective is to reach the end of the level collecting as much points as possible. The player controls two entities/souls which move exactly the same, but their puzzle level design differentiates. When one collides with a wall the both souls "die" and the level is reset.

Here's gameplay of the 3 levels I created:

At the same, the project was developed with easy designer expandability, learning about Unity Scriptable Objects and the best way to easily allow the developer to add more levels, points, and more, without the intervention of a programmer.

The whole project, including source code can be found at:

The project is licensed under the MIT License, however I highly suggest to only use it as a reference study. There are already possible optimizations that could be done that I've learned since last update, such as, living data, UI improvements, code architecture and more.